Image found himself on the floor. Bleeding from many places, his neck, back and core. There were other places as well legs arms, he had to of mentally left. That’s what he did on Asgard, he must have one it here. Has he placed his hand on his body, trying to find a place for him to lay that did not cause pain, he found a small knife still in-tangled in his skin. He did not speak, did not even think. just propped himself up on the side that seemed not to hurt as much.

Emera awoke surrounded by silken jade sheets that matched his eyes as they shifted back from the ocean-blue they had been before. To be in his body once again was odd: shorter now, with hair that matched, body engraved with magic and free of voices… Slowly, he pushed himself up with his elbows into a sitting position, and then into a standing. “Image?” he questioned, somehow missing the other already in his time away from his body. Moving slowly out of his room and into the living room, he spotted the clone on the floor, bleeding. Panic immediately struck and he bolted to his roommate’s side, drawing magic from his pool and healing the would after extracting the knife. “Gods… What happened!?”

Image rested his head where he could that did not shoot pain through him. It took him a moment to find his voice. He looked the other over. There were the eyes he knew. “I may have upset Liar.” it was a whisper. he was unsure if Emra had heard him or not but he did not really want to repeat it. He was not able figure out what he did that up set him but it was something.